Best Phoenix Neighborhoods for Millennials

1) Arcadia Lite | Price Range – $350,000+ | 32nd Street – 40th St, Camelback Rd to Indian School Rd

Hip. Funky. Fresh.  Arcadia Lite is known for its trendsetting style and eclectic crowd.  This part of the Arcadia neighborhood is where you can find hotspots like La Grande Orange, Postinos, The Vig, The Attic, Little Woody’s, Tee Pee, and the Madison Improvement Club…to name a few. Arcadia Lite is great for those that want the central location and Arcadia aesthetic in a mid-range budget.  The neighborhood has seen a lot of turnover in the past few years and it is now home to many young professionals who want to be close to major business and entertainment centers.  If you work near the Esplanade, downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, or further North then this location provides you with a quick commute.

Arcadia Lite is highly regarded for its tight-knit community and safe streets.  You will typically find people hanging out for coffee in the mornings at La Grande Orange, having a glass of wine during the evenings at Postinos, or in their front yard on adirondacks.  The canal and quiet streets of Arcadia Lite provide a great place for those that love taking walks or runs.

If you are new to the area I would suggest taking a day to bike ride down some of these beautiful streets and visit the local hangouts.  You will instantly gravitate towards this area because of its hip and vibrant charm.  There is a reason Arcadia Lite was recently named one of the hottest neighborhoods in Phoenix.


2) South Scottsdale | Price Range – $280,000+ | Scottsdale Rd – 101 Fwy, Indian Bend to 202 Fwy

South Scottsdale is a great place for millennials that want to find affordable homes that are close to some of the best shopping and nightlife that Arizona has to offer.  It is also a great location for those who work in North Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and Mesa.

In my opinion, South Scottsdale is the most affordable spot for first-time homebuyers and most can find a cute 1950’s ranch home that has been well maintained.

3) Coronado District | Price Range – $200,000+ | 7th St to 14th St, Virginia Ave to McDowell Ave

The Coronado neighborhood in Phoenix is home to 1920’s bungalows and 1940 ranch style homes.   While these bungalows have a smaller footprint, normally 800-1400 sq.ft.,  most of the homes are situated on decent sized lots and have guest quarters.   Recently, most of the properties have undergone renovation and the neighborhood is within walking distance to many of the most eclectic retail in Phoenix.  Here you will find an artsy crowd with a flair for local businesses.