The Arcadia Neighborhood of Phoenix, AZ

Take a little slice of Southern California living…drop it in Phoenix…and what do you get?  It’s called Arcadia.  Known for its palm tree lined streets, lush landscaping, and exquisite ranch homes; the Arcadia neighborhood is the most sought after in Phoenix.  Its central location puts city life in the palm of your hand.  Only 8 minutes from Sky Harbor airport, 10 minutes to downtown Phoenix, and 8 minutes to the best shopping centers in town.

On the weekends you will see people running along the canal, strolling with their children down the street, or on beach cruisers heading to the nearest local hangout.

It is not uncommon to find yourself BBQ’ing with neighbors, hanging with friends on your front porch, helping young Arcadians sell their homemade lemonade, or attending a block party.  For many people this reminds them of a Midwestern lifestyle where family values and helping a neighbor are things of the present, not the past.

There isn’t anything cookie cutter about Arcadia.  From the homes to the beautifully decorated restaurants, Arcadia has character that no other neighborhood in Arizona can compete with.  While most of the homes in Arcadia were built in the mid 1950’s, almost all of the homes have been meticulously remodeled with the traditional finishes that Arcadia is known for.  Take a drive down one of the winding streets in the heart of Arcadia and you will quickly fall in love with the neighborhood aesthetic.

Arcadia isn’t just a neighborhood…it’s a lifestyle.