Real Estate Is My Sport

Today’s real estate market is bigger and faster than ever before.  Technology has given consumers access to housing information 24/7 which means that agents must be ready to perform at any hour.  The competition is fierce and the stakes are much higher than a Win or Loss on the stat sheet.  Real property is changing hands and hard-earned money is on the line.  If I move too slow or I don’t execute my assignment properly, my clients may be at risk.


Welcome to my sport…real estate.


I call it a sport because selling real estate is not a leisurely business.  This fast-paced, competitive game has turned me into a professional real estate “athlete.”  I’m referring to the athletic traits (akin to business traits) that I must possess to be an asset to my clients. To perfect my play, I rigorously and relentlessly strive to hone my skills.  Just like a professional athlete, I have trained thousands of hours for the mental and physical demands of this sport so that my clients can rely on me to get the job done regardless of the conditions.  I hit the canal before the sun comes up and study market conditions like a quarterback studies his playbook.  I’m continuously preparing myself and my clients for multiple situations so that when the action tips off, we are ready to execute our game plan as a team.


As an agent, I should embody all of the traits that you would want in a starting quarterback or an elite point guard.  Great agents are leaders that have the speed, hustle, court vision, and knowledge that you need to be competitive in today’s marketplace.  They should move with purpose, be able to read the market, and put you in a position to make a highly informed (high-percentage) shot.  These athletes should also have the intangibles that scouts would look for such as poise, confidence, and the clutch gene.  When I’m evaluating agents, all of these athletic traits are non-negotiable.  You may have the nicest, sweetest, most friendly agent in the world, but if they move like molasses and don’t hustle for your needs, then it’s time to find another agent.


Hiring the right agent is similar to drafting the perfect fit for your team.  You should be drafting for need and not just selecting the biggest player available.  Each agent brings a different set of skills to the game and it is important to consider the specific talents of the individual you are hiring.  Take me for example, am I the biggest player in town?  No, but I bet I’m the fastest (most responsive) and most aggressive.  If your team needs a high motor type of guy that brings everything on every play then I’m your guy.  I like to do the little things that don’t always show up on the stat sheet, but make a difference in the outcome of the game.  I don’t mind boxing out, diving for the loose ball, or taking a charge for my clients.  It isn’t always as easy as shirts vs skins, but interviewing multiple agents before selecting your player is always the best option that you have.

Losing is not an option.  I have the skills, training, knowledge, and expertise to help YOU WIN at the most competitive game in town – Arcadia and Biltmore real estate.