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Rafterhouse Home

Rafterhouse is a home remodeling company that focuses primarily on renovating 1950’s ranch homes in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, AZ.  Austing King and Chris Liles, the two creative geniuses behind the company, founded Rafterhouse in 2012.  Their company was created to bring new life into Arcadia homes while staying true to the neighborhood’s historical roots.  Over the past two years, Rafterhouse has set new standards for the way that other groups remodel in Arcadia and they have emerged as a leading trendsetter in Arcadia home design circles.

Rafterhouse is not your typical turn and burn flipping company.  Their unique finishes and intricate design is unmatched in Arcadia.  Rafterhouse commonly sources materials from all over the country to keep their look fresh and unique. In their latest remodel, they used 100 year old carriage doors from La Jolla to slide across the master bathroom as a barn door.  In most of their remodels you will find distinctive drawer pulls, shaker cabinetry, barn doors, and brick walls. The Rafterhouse signature is a pantry door made of reclaimed barn wood and an old lockset.

Aside from their great taste in home design, these guys are part marketing genius.  Remember how I told you that this wasn’t the typical flipping company?  That is because they have built a cult following by creating beautiful marketing pieces, and utilizing social media to create big buzz around Arcadia.  With over 2,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, Rafterhouse has every Arcadia mom drooling with their design photos.  Most home flippers try to fly under the radar so that their competitors don’t bite their style.  These guys blanket their rent-a-fences with attractive advertising pieces to let everyone know what is about to come.

While they have set themselves apart thus far, I’m eager to see how their style evolves as everyone else catches up.

Rafterhouse Home with barn doors Rafterhouse drawer pull Rafterhouse brick fireplace






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