Top 18 Arcadia Restaurants

Arcadia restaurants - La Grande Orange


The Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, AZ is known for its beautiful homes, lush landscapes, and central location.  It also happens to be the restaurant mecca of Phoenix.  Arcadia is home to famous Arizona restauranteurs such as Sam Fox (Fox Restaurant Concepts) and Bob Lynn (La Grande Orange, Chelsea’s Kitchen).  You won’t find any cheesy chain restaurants around here.  Arcadia restaurants are an extension of the character within the neighborhood.  All of these hotspots are original concepts with fresh food and hip style.  The only problem with living in the area is that I find myself eating out way too often.

These are my top 18 Arcadia restaurants (in no particular order).

La Grande Orange

La Grande Orange, or if you want to sound like a local you can call it “LGO.”  This place is a mainstay in the Arcadia community and was one of the first restaurants to help ignite the Arcadia Lite neighborhood.  The place is so popular that it has created a real estate market of its own.  I often have clients that want to live in the “LGO area.”

This famous Arcadia restaurant is part coffee shop, pizzeria, restaurant, and marketplace all in one.   You can always expect fresh food, a hip crowd, and a busy parking lot.

Tucker’s Tip:  Maneuvering the parking lot, ordering, and finding a table can often be stressful for a novice.  Opt for the curbside to-go or learn the ropes during the off hours.


Board + Bottle.  This Arcadia hotspot is famous for their bruschetta boards and excellent wine selections.  Located just behind LGO on Campbell, this wine bar offers the perfect atmosphere for a fun lunch or date night rendezvous.  Postinos  is the official wine bar of Arcadia.

The best of all Arcadia restaurants
Chelsea’s Kitchen, The #1 Arcadia restaurant


Chelsea’s Kitchen

Chelsea’s Kitchen is hands down the top dog of Arcadia restaurants.  9 out of 10 times there will be a wait, but it is well worth it.  Chelsea’s slangs some of the best drinks in town and has the food to match.  Fresh ingredients and a flavorful roadhouse menu will leave you craving more.  Try the back patio during the cooler months to really capitalize on all that this gem has to offer.

Tucker’s pick: Steak and shrimp tacos

 The Henry

Arizona’s restaurateur of the century and fellow Arcadian, Sam Fox, has done it again.  The Henry is more about food and less about the concept.  Its slogan, “the greatest neighborhood restaurant”, rings true as you walk in the doors and are immediately greeted with a beautifully decorated hangout spot, full of comfy couches and a local Arcadians.  You can’t go wrong eating breakfast, lunch or dinner here…as long as you make reservations during particularly busy dining hours and holidays.

Steak 44

One of Arcadia’s newest dining additions is Mastro’s Family restaurant Steak 44.  The building once occupied by the Cork ‘N Cleaver pre-fire, has been completely transformed into a glamorous steak house offering customers a chance to dine in style.  The contemporary décor and more relaxed atmosphere than most steak houses make this Arcadia restaurant the perfect neighborhood meet up for business professionals and locals alike.

Kitchen 56

Pre Kitchen 56, the building was once occupied as a Humble/Enco gas station and automotive repair shop that opened during the 1960s, serving the neighborhood until 2006.  When local Arcadians got ahold of the historic structure they decided to build a restaurant that would serve everyday American fare, while keeping the comfort and charm of an old neighborhood gathering spot.   The patio offers stunning views of Camelback Mountain making this the ideal location to relax and eat amongst friends and family, weather permitting.

The Vig

The ultimate in fun dining.  Bocce ball, a hoppin’ patio, live music and djs, delicious food, and a Vig Rig {to take you home if needed}, what more could you ask for in a local neighborhood tavern?  Nothing if you ask us.

Tucker’s Tip:  Watch out for the parking situation, ride your bike or valet to avoid getting ticketed or towed from the lot across the street.  When you’ve had too much fun ask for a ride from the Vig Rig to ensure your fun night out doesn’t end up in the wrong kind of lights.

OHSO Arcadia restaurant
OHSO, an Arcadia restaurant and craft brew bar


If you happen to see a group of Arcadians wearing neon headbands, knee high socks, tank-tops, and riding beach cruisers then they are probably headed to the neighborhood watering hole , OHSO.   Whether you are dining with friends or looking to try the newest local Ale then OHSO is the place to go.  Not only do they have ample bar and dining, but they have the best patio bar in the neighborhood.  OHSO also gets the nod for most pet friendly bar in the area as they always have dog treats on the ready.  The food isn’t anything to get excited about, but this is one of the best places to hang if you are looking to have a few good craft brews.

Tucker’s Tip:  Beer, water, Beer, water…..

JTs Bar and Grill

Arcadia’s best and only dive bar.  Some of the best wings in the Valley!  ‘Nuff said.

Tucker’s Tip:  Try a 3 wise man and the baked wings.

T. Cooks at the Royal Palms

If you are looking for an upscale, fine dining experience, look no further than T. Cooks at the Royal Palms Resort.  Nestled amongst the lush grounds of the hotel, the restaurant with two patios and Camelback Mountain views is the perfect place to escape for a romantic candlelight date night.  This is the most expensive of my Arcadia restaurant list.

Chestnut Fine Food and Provisions

The newly reopened Chestnut Lane incorporates big city flare with local ingredients {think Tammie Coe and MJ Bread}.  This is a great spot for a quick breakfast or lunch time eats, especially when you get hooked on the Cartel Coffee.   Located on the corner of 44th Street and Camelback Road, this restaurant brings a great look to one of the busiest intersections in the Phoenix area.

The Grind

Ever had a burger from a coal fired oven?  Not many people have!  The Grind is apparently the only one in the United States with this sophisticated oven.  The bar/restaurant setup is tight quarters, but it’s a hip place and one of my favorite burgers in town.  The Grind definitely filled the burger void in the community as these guys do burgers about 20 different ways.  The kitchen doesn’t close until 11pm at this joint so it is always a late night option.

North Italia

Sam Fox is so good that he took my favorite carwash and turned it into my favorite Italian restaurant.  Man, this guy just can’t miss.  I’m not a big Italian fan, but the food here crushes it.  All of the pasta and pizzas are made from scratch daily.  This is a layup if you have family in town and want to impress.

Ingo’s Tasty Food

Get it?  “In goes tasty food”….  Bob Lynn, owner of LGO, started this new burger spot to further his domination of the Campbell corridor in Arcadia Lite.  Dust off the cruiser and head down for a quick burger or other creative menu option.  The outdoor garden seating brings a cool urban feel to the corner and is sure to be another staple in the community for years to come.

The Arcadia Tavern

The Arcadia Tavern is the only true sports bar establishment in the hood.  With TVs on every wall, you should be able to catch just about any game you need.  Good bar food and entertainment for the whole family, making this a good option even with the kids in tow.

TeePee Mexican Food

Family owned and operated since 1958, The TeePee has legendary status among many Arcadia restaurant circles.  Serving all of the traditional Mexican favorites, the TeePee is one of those places that you have to try at least once.  It isn’t going WOW anyone…it’s just a great throwback spot to have a few cervezas.

Seed Café at the Madison Improvement Club

Yogi food.  The Madison Improvement Club {MIC for short} is Arcadia Lite’s trendiest little workout and refreshment spot.  The menu at Seed Café is phenomenal for those health food connoisseurs looking for something quick and easy.

Tucker’s Tip: Order a Bigger Yard or Lottery Ticket smoothie as the perfect afternoon pick me up.

Flower Child

Flower Child is yet another Fox Concept restaurant based on locally sourced foods that are cooked fresh and served quick.  This fast casual experience is great for Arcadians on the go or those who need a quick family style dinner pickup.  Flower Child currently resides in the old Blockbuster Video space on the corner of 44th Street and Camelback.


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