Arcadia Contractor List

I have been lucky enough to call the Camelback Corridor “home” for my entire life.  I attended the neighborhood schools and broke the neighborhood rules.  Growing up here has given me the opportunity of watching the Corridor evolve from its unassuming beginnings to the real estate and restaurant mecca that it is today.  While we have been fortunate for the incredible development, growth of this magnitude obviously brings its share of growing pains.

One of the major pains of our growing neighborhood is that where there used to be 3 or 4 well known contractors, there are now 20-30 not so well known contractors.   Fortunately for my readership, my wife and I have guinea pigged for you through the four homes that we have owned/remodeled in the ‘hood.  Through our experiences over the years, both good and bad, we have assembled an incredibly detailed list of contractors that do business in the neighborhood.  We have fully vetted each company in our report through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, online listings, online reviews, and any other outlet that we could find.  Our report provides details such as phone numbers, websites, license numbers, and complaints.  I am confident that this arsenal of information will allow you to make a highly informed decision when it comes time for you to hire someone for your home.

If you are interested in receiving our free list of contractors, you can call me anytime at 602-ARCADIA or logon to

On another note, I wanted to congratulate three families that I just placed in the Arcadia neighborhood.  Congrats to Justin & Grace Reeder, Aaron & Giselle Weisheim, and William Kelhoffer.  These young families will be great additions to our area and will help to shape the neighborhood in the years to come.  Cheers!